Terak Web page in development, seeking info and hardware

I'm working on a Terak Web page, and building up a list of people
interested in this old machine.   Please respond in private e-mail.

The Terak was based on the PDP-11 chipset, built around 1979 by the
Terak company located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It is recognized as
one of the earliest personal computer / workstations with a purely
bitmapped display.  It ran DEC RT-11 and the UCSD Pascal p-system.

I have a working Terak 8510 obtained from the surplus sales at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I've also got lots of original
software, manuals, and even some newsletters from the old Terak user
group "TUGBOAT".  

As part of this project, I'd like to research and secure the rights
to redistribute software to keep the Teraks alive, as well as collect
and archive freely distributable software.  So far, in discussions
with UCSD, this may be possible.

Also, I'd also like to have a store of spare parts and extra machines
for people who'd like to expand their collections, and to record a
list of willing buyers to prevent machines from being dumped
unmercifully.  This would be a non-profit venture.

I'd also like to collect textual and bitmap recollections of the
Terak computers, if you have pleasant memories of these machines.
I plan to scan some of the more interesting material as well as move
some original Terak mono 320x240 bitmap images to more modern formats.

I've developed a series of portable C programs to operate on
Terak disk images, as transferred via the serial port to other
computers.  These programs list directories and split out the files
from the disk images.  These will be on the site.

If any of you would like to help with links, historical references
and stories, old software or hardware, old sales literature,
archives, names of other Terak people and ex-Terak company people,
etc. please pass them along to me in private e-mail.  I've already
heard from the nephew of the man who founded Terak.  

- John Foust

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