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Delphi C/S, PVCS, and Team Development

We are creating a large (~200 forms), multiversion, multidatabase,
client server legal
administration product.  When we originally evaluated Delphi, we (some
from MVS, some
from Unix, and some from NT C++ worlds) assumed that team development
tools would be
available for Delphi.  To that end we bought Delphi C/S and set about
creating a version
control environment for our first release.  The following diagram
represents the file structure
of our development environment.  (BTW, The product is named FIS.)

                                      NT 4.0 Server
         home                                                     dev
      usr1   usr2  usr2 .... usrN           FIS                  
PVCS         Lib  
-----------                                   |                      
|            |
 |         |                                  -- PVCS_archive         --
Public    -- Common
 |         -- PVCS                                
|                     |           Library
 |               |                            (Delphi source
archive)     |           Archives
--Private                                                |
|                                                  -- (
 (Delphi source)       -- (pvcsproj.prv etc.)  

Each developer has his/her own work area on the server since we often
move between Win95
workstations.  We have a utility which changes C:\WINDOWS\ISLV.INI to
point WKDIR to
\\SERVER\HOME\<username>\FIS when user logs on.  (Available upon

We have encountered several problems, or misunderstandings, with the
above file structure:

1.  First and foremost, the creator of the PVCS_archive, in our case
user 'devadmin' which has
its own account in the HOME directory, is the only one who can see the
project files
in the Delphi Workgroups|Browse PVCS dialog box.  And yes, we have
changed the permisions
on the FIS\PVCS_archive tree to allow everyone complete access.

2.  If I bring up the project (using devadmin, of course) in a new work
directory -- having
changed the PVCS Work Directory values to point to this new area -- and
check out the
project from the archive, and then attempt to build the project,
Delphi/PVCS does not
get read-only copies of, or set the path to, the component files in the
archive so that
I can compile the project.  I have to check each file out individually.

3.  If I modify a file and check it back in, Delphi/PVCS does not tell
me, working in
another Work Directory that a newer version exists, much less get it for
me automatically.

4.  If my project refers to files in the common library area, such as a
form template or
a security module, the creation of the PVCS archive copies those library
files into the
FIS\PVCS_archive directory which elimiinates any possibility of
maintenance of multiproject

5.  I have several other complaints, but I'm getting tired of typing.


1.  Am I just a complete idiot, accustomed to the strange, peculiar
power of Unix RCS/SCCS,
shell scripts, and make?  (Be gentle.)

2.  Is PVCS really useful for mulitidirectory, multiproject team
development if configured and structured correctly?

3.  How does your team accomplish version control with Delphi.  What
products have you found
truly powerful and useful?

4.  Where can I get information (yes, I have the Intersolv "Delphi 2.0:
PVCS Implementation
Guide") on setting up PVCS for Delphi?  For $2000 for Delphi C/S, you
would think that Borland
would include some documentation for PVCS.  We are experiencing more
than a little buyer's
remorse for Delphi C/S, by the way.

5.  Is there a book, monograph, newsletter, white paper, etc. on the
specifics of team
development in Delphi written for developers used to traditional

Any help will be greatly appreciated, and I will summarize.

John Martin


Re:Delphi C/S, PVCS, and Team Development

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> <SNIP a lot...>

You might want to have a look at ComponentSoftware RCS (CS-RCS).

CS-RCS is a GNU RCS compatible document revision control system that is
fully integrated with Windows 95/NT.

For more information and to download a free evaluation copy visit:

David Matyas          

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