TIdPOP3 email download progress/status, Indy 9.0 (Kudzu - Team Indy)

Took your advise and looked at the help and show the number of bytes, so I
tryed to use the bytes of the mailbox for the progress bars max value and
then increment the progress for the number of bytes it had retreived the
only problem I have found now is that onWork does not seem to add up
correctly to the number of bytes in the mailboxsize, it goes all the way up
then back down to minus no.'s then back up again.

The Code I am using, am I doing something wrong or does the indy component
jsut not give you a true status of the stae of email being retreived.

procedure TfrmEmail.svrPOP3Work(Sender: TObject; AWorkMode: TWorkMode;
  const AWorkCount: Integer);

  frmStatus.prgStatus.Progress := frmStatus.prgStatus.Progress + (AWorkCount
Div 1024);


And before I retreive the message I set the progressbar up

frmStatus.prgStatus.Progress := 0;
frmStatus.prgProgress.MinValue := 0;
frmStatus.prgProgress.MaxValue := (idPOP3.RetrieveMailBoxSize Div 1024);

There is only one mail with a 30mb attachment and it's RetrieveMsgSize is
the same size as RetrieveMailBoxSize which is correct.

Has anyone succefully got the progress of a mail being retreived with the
indy components yet and any help or code would be very much appreciated.