Using Windows Resources from DOS/DPMI TP programs

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: Date: 24 Jun 1995 13:34:00 +0200
: From: (Matthias Koeppe)
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: Subject: Using Windows' Resources from DOS/DPMI TP programs
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: One line description: Using Windows' Resources from DOS/DPMI TP programs
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: Surface address: Erzbergerstr 12, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany
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: Use Windows' resource files in your DOS/DPMI TP programs. You
: can extract strings from string tables (OEM-converted),  create
: TV menu structures from menu templates,  utilize dialog templates
: (intelligent class  management), load bitmaps (incl. BMP files and
: converting  to  images), and convert mouse cursors.
: This enables you creating resources using the Resource Workshop
: and using them within your DOS programs!
: Additional features:
: * Fast reading/writing access to INI files.
: * Windows clipboard support.
: Long description:

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