How to return TDataset from a function?

I have developed a component, that has a predefined Query-component to
retrieve data from a table in a fixed format.  I use this for history
data, so the component has a Load(firstTime, lastTime)-function, which
uses the Query to get the data between the given times.  I return the
Query as a result, so that whoever uses the component can browse the
result set as he likes.  But there are two drawbacks:

1. The query is accessible outside the component and can be freed

2. It is not possible to ask two result sets and use them at the same
time, because the previous result set is lost each time Load is called.

I have no idea, how I could clone the query, so that I could return a
new copy of the dataset.  This might be a bad idea anyway.  It might
be better to give your own dataset for the Load-method, which would
then fill it with the query results.  But how do I do this?  I want to
use a predefined Query, so that I can Prepare the SQL-statement.  If
I use a different Query-component every time, I lose this benefit.  Any

Jouni Aro
Prosys PMS Oy