Checking for "if exists Form"

Hi out there,

i wrote a little Function called "FormExists" that checks if a Form with
given Name (as Parameter) is currently loaded.
- In Delphi 2 there is no Problem - working fine.
- In Delphi 1 no Form with exists.

In that Function i check the Application.Forms[n] if a Form with the given
Name exists, the Name-Property is always empty in Delphi 1.

The Code i use for both (D1 and D2) is:
function FormExists( FormName: String):Boolean;
   frmPoint: Integer;
   Result := False;
   for frmPoint := 0 to Screen.FormCount - 1 do
      if Screen.Forms[frmPoint].Name = FormName Then Result := True;

Please tell me whats wrong for Delphi 1!!