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Printing and TeeChart

I have TeeChart 3.0b.

I have a chart that looks fine when shown.  However, I also need to
print preview and print the chart with the data used to make the chart
listed.  The problem I have is that I can't get a nice looking chart
when print previewed or printed.  If I use Draw to show the chart, I
can't scroll the chart and always get it in the right place (negative
coordinates seem to confuse Draw).  Subtracting the scroll bar positions
doesn't work.  If I use PrintPartialCanvas to print, I can always get it
in the right place, but the font sizes are off.  The font sizes seem to
be inversely proportional to the screen size.  If the window for the
chart is small, I get large font sizes, and if the window is full
screen, the fonts are small.  The fonts shouldn't change since it's
always being printed to the same size.  Changing print resolution is
obscure: it appears I'd have to calculate the change for each window
size, making it negative for small screens and positive for large ones.
There has to be an easier way.

How can I print the chart with the same font size under all


Re:Printing and TeeChart

I figured out the problem: the chart must have the same dimensions as the
chart you are printing.  You therefore have to change both the chart
position and specify the coordinates where it is to be printed...

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