Error message "Unable to load locale category/"


Anybody tell me how can I fix follow BDE error :

When I tried connect to Informix DBMS server, I got follow error
    General SQL error.
    Unable to load locale category
    Alias : EIS (my alias name)

    BDE Error    : 13059 [$33][$3]
    Server Error : -406 unable to load locale category.
other man tell me that this error is DBMS(informix server) error.
shot time ago this well run on this machine
and other client DB tool(Symantec DB anyWhere) well run on this machine.

Please tell me how can I fix this problem.


Environment Information :
        System : Sun Enterprise server 5000
        OS     : Solaris 2.5.1
        DBMS   : Informix dynamic server 7.1.2

        System : Intel Pentium-133MHz, 48MByte main memory, 2GByte HDD
        OS     : WIndows-95 OSR2, DBCS version (Korean version)
        DB Lib : Informix I-NET 7.2 for Windows-95/NT
        BDE    : Version 4.0 with SQL Link

MIS department of Daedong construction Co., Ltd.
Ho-il Kang. ( )