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MSMQ - How do I use it with Delphi?

Please, does anyone have any solution to the following problems:

(I am using Delphi 4 C/S, Win NT Server 4.0 SP4 with NT Option Pack. The
computer used for developing has the independent client part of MSMQ
installed on it.)

 - How do I register the MSMQ COM components for use with Delphi?
 - How do I access the MSMQ objects from with a Delphi application?

PLEASE - does anyone have any information, examples, tips - anything is

Thanks in advance and greetings from Sweden,



Re:MSMQ - How do I use it with Delphi?

First you want to import the Microsoft Message Queue Object Library using
the "Import Type Library..." menu item to create the file MSMQ_TLB.PAS.  I
would suggest you visit the site
for further information.  From there, you can also get a download
file...something about Event Sink import or something like that, which is a
great help in setting up a commponent to provide you with event handlers for
arriving messages.  I can also help you in more detail if you like by
responding directly to my address.
-Howard Moon

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