Thanx everyone, Thanx, Ed

This is a tuff ?. Notepad manages smaller files; Wordpad, larger files. How
can an APX created editor be modified
to manage, say a hundred MB? Do I have to change ems? Is there any change
wrt the real vs virtual? If this is too
involved, please forgive.

Ed's contributions to these groups are most helpful:
If you find one of us more than you can tolerate, consider using an offline
reader which provides "twit filter"/"kill list" capability. Whjere do I get
a twitFilter.

Hang around a while, there are folks around with much less technical
expertise and much more attitude.
Many have helped me a number of times over the last several years with
tricky technical questions.  ;-)
Thanx, everyone and Thanx, Ed

If you didn't get a note of thanx, Wayne, Thanx! Builder 4 custom
InstallShield will provide "setup" for BC 5.02.
Happy New Year! Everyone

Pete Aldridge