Win95 Registry and Delphi 1.0: Why not???

I have a need to extract some information from

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\User information]

The problem is that I'm running Win95 and using the 16bit version of
Delphi. (V1.0).

Why can't Delphi 16 access keys other than HKEY_CLASS_ROOT? What is so
special about the other keys?

Has anyone gotten access to other "keys" under Delphi 16? Why can't
someone create a unit/DLL in a 32bit language that could be accessed from
delphi 16?

Would anyone be willing to share their experiences on this subject?

And so you know, V2.0 is not an option as I can't afford the $280 for the
developer's edition.

Comments are welcome!
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