Using Delphi 2 with delphi 6

"orion45" <> wrote in message
> Hello all,
>                 Since purchasing delphi 6 personal, i have scratched my
> over how to get the features that i had with delphi 2 standard, namely The
> Borland Database Engine.I have come up with an idea to get the best out of
> all my programming languages , if it is feasable, hence this posting.I had
> acquired quite a lot of components for my delphi 2 standard, and would
> to use their features.

> Here is the question :-
> would it be possible for a database program with delphi 2 to pass it's
> information to a delphi 6 personal program, purely for display.
> If so it may also be possible to pass visual basic , Java etc program
> information to your basic delphi 6 personal.even though extra programs
> be required, you would get the best of the features from all the
> just want to supplement the features in my delphi 6 pesonal with the
> features in my delphi 2 standard.
> I don't have enough knowledge at this moment in time, but hope that you
> be able to give me the benefit of your experience.

> Regards Mike Geraghty.