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Floodfill on Printer

FloodFill does not work on printer.Canvas

has ist to do with color resulution,...

what can i do?

thank you


Re:Floodfill on Printer

This solution is brought to you by Joe Hecht's TExcellent products,
solving Form.Print and bitmap printing problems. Do not deploy your
graphics application until you take a look at the real world problems
of printing images and forms from a Delphi/BCB application.
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> FloodFill does not work on printer.Canvas

That is a common problem on printers. Either use polygons
or create a bitmap, fill it, then print it. In the second case,
I hightly recommend that you take a look at our TExcellentImagePrinter
product page to see what sort of problems you may face in printing
images from your Delphi application.

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