Sybase 11/ODBCExpress/Intersolv ODBC/Scrollable cursors

I'm using Delphi client/server 3.02, ODBCExpress Pro 4.53, the
Intersolv Sybase ODBC driver (SYSYB95.DLL, version 3.00.0000, date
3/10/97) and Sybase 11.x.  

I have a TDBGrid linked to a TOEDataset that executes a stored
procedure that returns a limited number of rows.  Everything loads
correctly and I can scroll forwards through the grid with no problem.
However, when I attempt to scroll backwards through the grid I get a
"optional feature not implemented" error.  I assumed that this might
be because the Intersolve drivers still don't support scrollable
cursors.  ODBCExpress is supposed to allow you to get around this by
using the cursor libraries in ODBC but when I set the properties to do
so, the application churns along for a while before crashing with a
"unable to write to buffer" error.  I assume that it has attempted to
read an entire table into a buffer somewhere (these tables are fairly
large, several million rows).  The application also opens several
other TOEDatasets and THstmts.

Am I hitting a limitation of the Intersolv drivers?  If so, how does
the BDE get around this problem?  What ODBC drivers are other people
using to get to Sybase?

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