Ann: ESBMaths v3.2.1 and ESBMathLib v1.0 Released - Freeware

ESB Consultancy is pleased to announce the availability of ESBMaths
v3.2.1 - collection of Math & Stats Routines for Borland Delphi.

This collection of over 150 Routines aims to provide Integer Math, Float
Math & Statistical Routines that are either missing from Delphi or can
be improved on. Delphi Math Unit not required. Optimised for Delphi 4
and above, but most of the routines should still work fine for Delphi 2
& 3 though with less routines available. Full Source and Help File

Now includes Delphi 6 support.

ESB Consultancy is also pleased to announce the availability of
ESBMathsLib v1.0 - which uses ESBMaths to add extra constants and
functions to TMS Software's TAdvSpreadGrid.

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NewsReader provided at:

Always eager to hear feedback from users.

If you would like even more Math/Stats Routines including  Components
such as FloatEdit, IntEdit, SciFloatEdit, PercentEdit, Calculator,
CalcEdits, Descriptive Statistics - as well as Data Aware versions of
those mentioned - then check out our commercial version, ESBPCS at:

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