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Testing apps by automating keystrokes


What do people use to test apps on repetitious tasks? We have a Delphi 1 /
Paradox app that's fairly complex. We'd like to be able to set up a test
bench to go through it and run most of the tasks automatically.

I've been told there are a lot of "capture Windows key and mouse message"
utilities about, but now I come to look I can't find any ... except a
couple of pro developer test products which are simply too expensive at
this stage. Win3.1 used to have Recorder, but there doesn't seem to be a
counterpart in Win95.

Any tips?

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Re:Testing apps by automating keystrokes

We got a product called SQA Team test. It allows you to build libraries
of scripts; these can be mouse clicks or keystrokes. Throughout the
scripts you can test for given values in fields, list boxes etc.

As it runs the scripts it also records any errors found. Great for
regression testing!



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