Anouncing Freeware Joystick component inc. source

There have been many queries regarding the use of joysticks in Delphi.
Although the API calls to a joystick are fairly simple it proved worthwhile
to create a component that not only implements joystick functionality but
also provides visual feedback and implements mouse replacement for those
that don't have a joystick.

Before I submit this component to DSP and Torries I would like some feedback
on how the component works on other types of joysticks.

TFlightJoystick will be part of a VCL based flightsimulator library that I
am working on.

If you like to download and try TFlightJoystick then just  visit my website
and click on the Delphi link.

The component comes with source and helpfile and is tested on D3 and D5 (I
assume D4 will be ok too).


Paul van Dinther