OS Delta in behavior 95/98 and NT


I have an two applications. When one of the responds to a button press,
it activates a ddeserver, winexec'ing it if necessary, and then
establishes a conversation handle and conversation, making a request
through a POKE.

the second application recieves the request, and calls
bringwindowtotop(...) among other things.

Under NT, this causes the application recieving the request to come up
to the top and be visible to show the user it's goodies.
Under 95 and 98, the user needs to alt-tab to the application to bring
it up. This only happens the first time.. the next time, if the server
is left running, it comes up fine when it executes the
bringwindowtotop(...) code.

I am guessing that this is something to do with the multi-threading
differences between the OS's. Can someone make any suggestions to get
the 2nd application to the foreground?

Jeff Kish
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