Q:Posting changes within a transaction (Capability not Supported)


I'm writing a DB application with Delphi 3 C/S and have the following
I want to swap the value of a field between two records in the same table in
an Interbase database using th BDE. I need to be sure that if one update
fails, the otherone is not processed, or -- if already processed -- rolled
back, so I use StartTransaction ... Commit / Rollback.

Because I want to update two records in one table, I need to Post the
changes in one record before changing the other one (either explicitly with
the Post-method or implicitly when locating the new record). The problem is,
that the Post-method or the method performing the implicit post always
produces an exception:
  Capability not supported

When I remove the transaction-processing everything works fine! An update on
one record also works correctly.

Has anyone seen this problem before and know what to do?


Quido Evers, Devote IT Architects, Netherlands