Help needed with D4 & WebBroker .dll example

I am attempting to create a Web Application using Delphi 4 Professional with
WebBroker. I am trying to get the examples from 'Delphi 4 Developers Guide'
to work and am falling at the first hurdle.
At first glance, the first example given is straight forward... creating an
HTML Page on the fly. The code is compiled and results in a .dll file which
is placed in the default directory of my FrontPage Personal Web Server.
I am then told to point my Browser to the following location....

<default dir>/sample1.dll/test

I apparently should then see the expected Web Page in my Browser....
Each time I do this I get the message....

404 Not Found
The requested URL /sample1.dll/test was not found on this server

Can anyone throw any light on this since, as it's the first example, I
obviously cannot proceed past this point as all the other examples use the
same method and I am getting completely frustrated...!
What is the meaning of the final '/test' as there is no reference to it in
the .dll or anywhere else?
Any help will be gratefully received!!!
Regards, Dave.
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