Networked App: Advice and info needed

Here's my problem:

I would like to create an app that can have a server and a client. The
server makes requests from a database and transfers the information,
over our network, to the client upon request. The client receives the
information and can display it in DBGrids and other database enabled
controls. The client will have no access to the database nor will it
have the BDE installed.

Is this feasable? Would I use the internet components? Would an OLE
application be better? I have to use D1 for the client, so the server
has to be D1 to transfer the data in a way the forms can understand (80%
of our PCs are still Windows for Workgroups). If anyone has a
recommendation or suggestion please let me know. And if you could give
me a reference to a book that would help, send me the title.

I am currently working with a contractor on another application with a
different client in which we use an OLE design. He gives me the
information from VC++ and I display it and send back what he needs. I
hate doing it this way because I cannot use data aware components
(InfoPower being the one I would like to use). I use stringGrids and
events to pop up extra dialogues to edit each of the columns (need
memos, drop downs, mask edits). I've yet to find a string grid
(commercial or free/shareware) that has all the functionallity I
require. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.