Several questions

Hello fellow programmers!

I have some questions concerning Borland Pascal 7.

Does anyone know how I can tell the DMA-controller the necessary address =

of a buffer-variable in the protected mode? I want to use it in a =

Soundblaster Unit for direct memory access. My routines work fine in real =

mode but fail in pmode. (In rmode: pages(!?) and offsets (that=B4s clear).)=

Who can tell me how to program routines for banking on svga-cards in =

protected mode? I=B4ve found some shareware solutions for real mode but =

none for pmode!

Who knows how to use the IPX-network drivers used for DOOM etc. in your =

own programs? Does anyone have a list of interrupt-routines or so? Just =

the parameters would be enough, I hope I don=B4t need the source...

If someone asks: I=B4m trying a rpg.