New, free service for software authors - CMSDnet

Dear software author,

I'm currently trying to create a web based service called CMSDnet -
CMSystems software development network - which is completely free and
would offer you the following sub-services/advantages:

1. A software forum where you can upload your files to make it
accessable and downloadable to the public. If you have software you only
want to sell, you may want to get a link to a page where clients can
order your software.

2. A developer forum where you can post questions about programing,
software updates - nearly everything about computers... and your
question will be processeed in newsgroups, too, because CMSDnet
developer forum questions will be automatically transfered there. But
you want be reached by any spam mails because CMSDnet never gives your
email address away, all your messages are marked with an ID only which
can only identifed by you and CMSystems.

3. A weekly newsletter about software, shareware, public domain,
programing, whatever new comes up.

CMSDnet membership is FREE, I ask you to subscribe to this service,
because the more people use my service the more useful it becomes.

Join now, by going to
<> to

Thanks in advance,

owner of CMSystems,
found of CMSDnet