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MS-SQL GetDate() work in NT-WS4.0 not work in W95/98

Dear colleagues,
I have a problem with MS-SQL Server 6.5 Service pack 5.

In ISQL_W if executing SELECT GETDATE() i have a result 5 mai 1999 19:54
from  PC with NT-Workstation 4 with regional setting Norwegian (Bokmal) and
default language for SQL-login Norsk.

If i execute the same script from the same SQL-Database & same SQL-Login from
PC with Windows-95/98 and same regional settings i have this result: 5 may
1999 19:54

The problem is in names of months & days. Because of this a program that seems
to be working quite nicely under NT workstation 4.0 is not working under
Windows 95 or Windows 98.
Can you please help us to resolve this problem.

Best regards
Ivo Gentchev


Re:MS-SQL GetDate() work in NT-WS4.0 not work in W95/98

First of all, please do not post in HTML , it's against newsgroup guidelines
( see for details) and many people
use newsreader without html support.

Have you checked Settings of your SQL Client with the different OS?
There is a checkbox "use regional settings" in client config for MS SQL Client.


( BTW, don't forget that every user has a default language , too. See MS SQL
Enterprise Manager for User setup )

Bernd Ua - Software-Haus Brumund GmbH
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