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ODBC-Driver for Paradox

Hi there,

I've started to develop a db-application. At the time it runs on
Paradox-Tables (but will be moved). Now, I need to access my tables with
other tools over ODBC but I couldn't find any ODBC drive for paradox on the
D4-cdrom. I already tried the driver which I found in the
MS-Data-Access-Pack (or similar) but this one doesn't work really. Does any
body have a hint for me? (maybe by mail to



Re:ODBC-Driver for Paradox

The Paradox ODBC from Microsoft works but only up to version 5 of Paradox.
The good news is that Paradox 5 tables have almost the same feature set as
version 7 tables, so you can probably convert your tables down to version 5
and be OK.

Inprise has a download called PXREST.EXE that will allow you to convert the

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