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a couple of quick questions


1. What happens first: TTable.BeforePost or TDataSource.OnUpdateData?

2. What is Interbase? Could I use it instead of Paradox tables in my delphi
app? (Orand, what are the (dis)advantages of using Interbase vs. Paradox

I've been thrashing for a few days on a form with a master record (one at a
time) and a DBGrid of child records. I'm doing some dataentry validation on the
child row before saving changes, and am getting some anomalous behaviour.

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Re:a couple of quick questions

BeforePost is first.
Interbase is a database server for client/server applications.
You can use it in place of Paradox tables but you must purchase a license
for every copy you distribute.
The advantages of Interbase over Paradox tables would fill a book but
stability, transaction control and a real query optimizer are a start.



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