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Paradox key violations on auto-increment field

If you force the table repair programto rebuild the table it should fix the
problem assuming you are using a current version of the BDE and the matching
TUTILITY.DLL.  Another way to fix the problem is to restructure the table in
DBD and change the primary key to a long integer.  Then restructure the
table and change it back to autoincrement.


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Re:Paradox key violations on auto-increment field

I suggest you to try to avoid auto-inc fields. I readed lot of times
about the problems of it. I'm developing a program now that has about 20
tables that could use it... I prefered to use in each one an integer
field, and set the value at hand leaving the user the chance to change
it. This work fine for me, and is easier to fix problems. Tables with
autoinc fields are dificult to fix.

Hope this helps.

Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> In a Paradox table we have we have an auto-incremement field
> (type "+"), which is also the primary key. One of the customers
> now has a table which we cannot insert any records in to --
> Can anyone suggest anything?.....................

> Lately the BDE is making me bald. :-(

Jose Sebastian Battig


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