Open arrays - can it be done?

>Would a linked list work for your problem.  There really isn't a size

  how about thinking about the primitives of array passing anyhow? think about
  it the way that C operates..

    ie: void blah( struct stupid *x );

  translate this to pascal.

    ie: procedure blah( x : stupidptr );

  infortunately, there is no mechanism that allows to you access the record
  directly as C does ;( how ever.. if you know enough about programming..
  then it shouldn't really be a problem.. write some assembler / C code
  and link it to pascal!

  nothing is not possible.. just open your mind and do the best with the
  resources you have..  consider this.. i work as the head programmer at
  a small research firm here in Perth. my program source size, is 15000
  lines.. however.. i know there are limitations / advantages of pascal..

  so i didn't restrict my workings to pascal.. 90% of the code is in pascal,
  8% in C and about 2% (for low level graphics) is in ASM..

  there is nothing wrong with mixing code.. just make sure that you are
  linking real mode .obj files if you are going to be using real mode.

regards, aaron.
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