Beta Testers wanted for Freeware Delphi IDE Experts

I've been working on a collection of experts for the Delphi 2.0 IDE for
awhile, mostly in an effort to improve my personal efficiency and make my
life a little easier.  They are now quite close to being releasable and I
would like to get about 10 people to test them out a bit and offer any
suggestions for improvements or changes before I release them.  The experts in
question will be released as freeware, in part to repay the Delphi community
for the many valuable tools and tips I have gotten for free.

I am also looking for a kind soul who be interested in volunteering to write a
help file for the experts.  I am busy enough with just programming (as most of
you are I'm sure! <g>) and I could certainly use a hand from somebody
interested in contributing something to the Delphi community.

I would also be interested in hearing ideas from people on enhancements or
changes they would like to the Delphi IDE that could be done from an expert.

Currently the experts have only been tested for Delphi 2.0, however I hope to
have a Delphi 3.0 version available within two weeks of a general 2.0 release.

The following experts are included right now:

Method Finder: Shows a list of all procedures/functions in the current unit
and allows you to quickly jump to a selected one.  Supports incremental

Project Dependencies: Shows all dependcies in a project as well as the
dependencies for each unit.  Also allows you to easily view units in a project
that are dependant on a specific unit.

Class Browser: Browse all classes in a project or the VCL.

MessageDlg Wizard:  Easily insert code for message dialogs

Project Backup: Backup all project files to a single zip file.  Optionally,
the program will scan all .PAS files in the project for $I,$R include
directives and add those files to the backup as well.

Expert Manager: Add and remove experts from the Delphi IDE

Debug Output Window: Easily send text messages to this IDE window to help
debug your code.  Includes a menu option in the Delphi IDE to easily add
conditional output statements.

Set Tab Order: Quickly sets the tab order by allowing you to select the
components on a form in the order you want the tab order to be, and select
"Set Tab Order" from the Delphi edit menu.  Much easier then the standard
Delphi method of setting tab order, one of my all time personal pet peeves.


Gerald Nunn
Toronto, Ont
EMail: GN...@ICA.NET