Games Factory Pack 3.1

Hello to everybody, alone mean that already this available the
finishes  version of Games Factory Pack 3.1 Freeware in the address:


 Map Maker 3.0: Excellent editor of MAPS for GAMES, editor of 240 TILES
 of GRAPHICS in order  to  combine in  the map or 16 SPRITES  of
 96 x 160 pixel  with those that  you will carry out the ANIMATIONS
 of  your personages.  Sprite Maker 3.5: Great editor and animator
 of SPRITES,it matter  PCX  in  order  to CUT  them in sprites, and
 it edit PALETTES. Also all the documentation in English and Spanish
 in  order  to PROGRAM  with  BITMAPS or sprites  as  much  games as
 all type of APPLICATIONS.  Also  examples  in Turbo Pascal,  C,  ASM,
 as  well  as a great bookstore of sprites and Utilities that they
 help  you to work with the graphs of your PROGRAMS.

Now you can use a new sprites format COMPRESSED with the utility

This program is a graphic bilingual utility developed in turbo Pascal
and ASM, for the creation and animation of sprites and tiles, that they
will be filed in the disk in format bitmap for their hind  use in yours
utilities, the great versatility and ease of handling gives you there
be this editor of sprites a great capacity in their field, of the one
which they lack the editors of screen that they utilize like substitutes
of this type of utilities.

Map Maker is a developed utility entirely in Turbo
Pascal with the aid of Sprite Maker, this utility this thought
so that all the graphs that form a game could be
created by the user of a very simple form, without needing
many requirements, so then the user of Map Maker will create
sprites of great size, animations, create all one game of tiles
graphics with those that will design all type of maps with
several Scroll, so much scroll point to point in any or all
the coordinates, scroll of screen, games of firm screen, and
everything the one which to the programer could pass you for
the head, everything this simply by means of two files, one where the
programer could find the graphs of the 240 tiles, and another in
order to indicate in that part of the map is had to draw these tiles.


Thanks You