Populating a Combo Box!

"Guillermo Casta?o A" <Guiller...@GrupoMillennium.com> wrote in message

> The Items property of the combobox has an Objects property in which you
> store aditional information for each item on the list.
> Chech online help for the AddObject method of the list.

I wrote custom components that do exactly this for me. I just drop the
TDynamicallyPopulatedListBox or TDynamicallyPopulatedComboBox on the form,
select a datasource, and select the displayfield and valuefield properties.
Internally the dynamically populated list box stores the valuefield value in
the object for each string item in the list.

I never particularly liked trying to use the data-aware lookup boxes for
this purpose as Brian describes, seemed like a hack and that Delphi should
have provided something like my components. <g>.

Lauchlan M.