BDE problem posting inserted record twice

I have a problem where a second post on a inserted record is moving record
the pointer in a TDbGrid.
I am using the latest drivers of the BDE (5.11)

I have a simple project with TQuery (Request Live=True,
CachedUpdates=False), TDataSource, TDBGrid, and TDBNaviagor.

1.  Insert Record by clicking on Insert of TDBNavigator.
2.  Enter information in grid and Post changes.
3.  Edit data in the same record, without moving to a different row.
4.  Post Changes.

After the second post, the dbgrid selector goes to the selected record
before the record insertion in step one.  This appears to be a BDE problem.
It happens with both SQLServer and Oracle (using sqlora8.dll and oci.dll as
BDE settings). This does not happen using similar logic using Direct Oracle

This is problematic because it prevents me from including a "Save" button on
my forms.  If a user were to insert a new record, after pressing the "Save"
button twice, they would be editing the wrong record!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.