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BDE installation - Local vs Shared installation?????


Sorry if this gets posted twice, Deja crashed on me......

I have not worked extensively with BDE however am supporting a client
who is using it for 2 apps -- Goldmine and Training Partner 2000 (BDE
5.01).  Goldmine has been running forever and now TP2K is being
implemented.  Some clients are having difficulty running both at the
same time.  In "working" (aka arguing) with the TP2K vendor we have
reached an impasse as to how the BDE 'should' be installed -- local or

They claim that BDE should be local and not shared on the network.  I
(as the guy who has to install it) would rather a shared install, which
I always assumed worked fine and was acceptable.

Is there a default, recommended, do it this way and it will work, we
don't support it otherwise method of deploying BDE apps on a local

Any thoughts/recommendations appreciated.

Garth Martin


Re:BDE installation - Local vs Shared installation?????

Check out this article on the Borland Support site:,1410,15138,00.html

It is possible to install the BDE on a server and then set the required
registry entries on each workstation to reference that installation.
Borland even supplies a "demo" application in this article to assist
developers in this installation method.
I'm assuming the statement at the end of the article:
"This is not officially supported by Borland. It was developed by Developer
Support to help in BDE network installations."
refers to not supporting the demo application specifically, not that they
don't support this method of installation.  The fact that they are offering
assistance to developers in configuring a network setup via this article
posted in their support database would seem to imply *some* sense of
"approval" on their part I would think.  It would be interesting to see an
official statement on this, though.

Vinnie Murdico
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