How can I simulate a CTRL key press?


I'm trying to code a nice user-friendly multi-select grid and have struck a

Whenever the user clicks on a record without using the CTRL key, I believe
the record is made current, but afaik, not bookmarked (or something?), this
only occurs when the user presses the CTRL key and then clicks on the row.
This grid is purely designed for selection, not editing, so what I really
would like is for some way to trap the mouse click when it occurs
(OnKeyDown/OnKeyPress?) and send a CTRL keycode down beforehand, so every
click is treated as a multi-select/unselect.

Is this possible to do using Delphi 2.01?

I am using an Infopower TwwDBLookupComboDlg component and the corresponding
wwDBGrid as the data grid but I don't think that will be a problem as I can
still access the OnKeyPress/OnKeyDown events.
simon <NeMeSiS8>
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