TP 6.0 Manual/Help File

In article <4hlf37$> (Craig Young) writes:
>Can someone direct me to an ftp site where I can find a downloadable
>version of the TP 6.0 manual?  I have recently purchased a scientific
>instrument that comes with TP 6.0 and a library, but no manual on how
>to use the compiler and write the code to access the library.  Either
>the full manual or some sort of ".hlp" file would be ideal.

There's no place on the net where you can download a copy.  If you have an
original copy of TP, you *should* have the manuals.  If for some reason you
have an original copy but don't have manuals, you should be able to purchase
a new set from Borland.

At the very least, run TURBO.EXE and look under the "Help" menu.


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