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Reducing .exe filesize

Delphi seems to create pretty large .exe files,
even simple 'hello world' programmes.

How can I reduce the size of my apps without
using runtime libraries ??

Thanks in advance, ewout


Re:Reducing .exe filesize

unless you already did it,  check the compiler options : Optimisation = Yes,
and all debug options = No. If you are sure of your program, also uncheck
the exec. errors options : E/S, ...
But don't expect a miracle. Windows programs can't be as short as DOS
programs, especially if they use forms.


Re:Reducing .exe filesize

The easy way to recude code size:

1) Project|Options|Compiler and switch off Debug Information
2) Project|Options|Linker and switch off Include TD32 debug info


On 19 Dec 1998 23:53:56 GMT, "E.A. Voogt"

<> wrote:
>Delphi seems to create pretty large .exe files,
>even simple 'hello world' programmes.

>How can I reduce the size of my apps without
>using runtime libraries ??

>Thanks in advance, ewout


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