TDatabase and EExternalException

Got a real puzzler here.  I'm using a TDatabase object ,with a single
TTable using it as a datasource, connecting to Sybase System 10.  What
happens is this:

I open the TTable, which automagicaly opens the TDatabase.  Login is
successful and a transaction is started.  The transaction  completes and is
committed.  Next the TTable is 'closed' followed by the TDatabase. When the
TDatabase.close ( or TDatabase.connected :-= false) method is invoked, the
app generates an EExternalException.  When running as a standalone app, it
hangs the apps.  I've tried trapping for the exception and can catch it in
the de{*word*81}, but it still hangs as a standalone.

I would appreciate some hints/tips on this one.  I;ve burned up some
serious time scratching my head.