Paradox, BDE, Threads, Problem

        After adding a record from one machine (A), the second machine
(B) does not see it, until it(B) adds a new record itself.  Then (B)
will see both (A)'s record and it's own(B) new record.   Then the other
user (A) won't see the new record that the (B) machine added.   So
basically the machine who added the last record will have the latest
information all other machines will not show any new records until they
add a new record.

        The Record is written right away, it is physically there in the
table, using other utilities I can see the record.  It is just that the
all the other computers BDE's don't seem to care that it has been

        If I close the application on machine (A), then reopen it, btw,
the sql query will then have the correct results.

        I have a hotkey in my program to refresh the TQuery by closing
then re-opening it.  I have even gone so far as to delete the TQuery and
then dynamically recreate it entirely.  But it doesn't seem to matter.  
It is like the BDE is caching the results in memory, and refuses to
check the original table, until it makes a write to the table.

        I have read that you have to refresh the tables if you are using
the same session; however both complex queries are in another thread
with a unique datasource & unique session.  

        LocalShare is also set to true.

        Any Idea's on what I can do to force the BDE to flush its cache
after I close the query, so that when I re-open the query I have the
updated CORRECT results?

Nathan Anderson.