More MAPI problems with BC 5.02

Hello again!

I am still having problems with MAPI and BC 5.02 (Win32 GUI program).
I have now got the program to compile and link with no errors of
significance. However, when I try to run the program, I get a message
about a missing entry point in MAPI32.DLL: HrQueryAllRows. I have used
impdef to create a def file from the DLL and, although there is an
export entry for that routine, it looks a little strange:

    HrQueryAllRows@24             =HrQueryAllRows                 @75

I have tried several different approaches (including using implib on
the DLL and even using coff2omf to convert the MS import library to
Borland format and then loading the resultant library explicitly in
the project) but nothing seems to solve the problem. Unfortunately,
because of time constraints, I have had to build the program using
MSVC (which seems to work ok) but I would really like to know how to
overcome this as I much prefer to use the Borland compiler.

Has anybody any ideas on this?


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