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Please please help with QReport and TeeChart

Hi everybody,

Can anyone please point me towards the right direction...

The Pie Chart and Bar Chart reports in my application don't work
anymore.. the app used to be in Delphi3 and on another PC, now it's on
my PC and in Delphi5 and doesn't work anymore. We don't have the other
PC anymore and I have no knowledge of either Quick Report nor
TeeChart... my knowledge of Delphi is also limited...

The report is a TQuickRep with a THorizBarSeries and a TPieSeries. A
TQRChart links them to the parent TQRDBChart. They are fed with data
through the code.

I have installed Quick Report 3.0.7 and TeeChart Pro 4.03 Trial.

At design time, I can see all components with no problems. But at
runtime, the Preview just show me the background of the report..
without the Pie or Bar Chart... (i do know that there is something to

I am convinced this is something I haven't installed properly.. can
anyone help me please ???



Re:Please please help with QReport and TeeChart

Ok, ignore the previous message (and the 10 other related!) because I
now know why the report (run time) preview showed a blank page: for
anybody who is interested...

Delphi3 didn't need Quick Report to have a Detail Band, Delphi5 needs
everything to be printed to go on a band.. apparently. I also added a
dataset in TQuickRep.dataset..

Not too sure if the dataset was there in D3 and got erase or if it was
not needed (i feed the chart through the code).. but it did the trick!


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