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Cursor C7 not opened

2003-11-19 05:54:34 PM
We have an application Delphi 5 with DB2/400 (V5R2) Database. We use
ADO/OLEDB to work with that Database.
Sometime we have the error "The cursor C7 is not opened" on the AS400 log,
but it seems the application is still working. We never program SQL cursor
directly. We do not use storedproc.
Is this message a real problem ?
I don't even know how to have this message happens.

Re:Cursor C7 not opened

Ok, I found out what seems to be the problem.
In fact, it happens when you try to use MyConnection.Execute(
MySqlStatement, cmdText, [eoExecuteNoRecords]). For some Sql Statement (not
for All) the parameter "eoExecuteNoRecords" provokes the message in the
AS400 log.
Just leave the parameter empty and it is OK.