ActiveForm problem Internet Explorer quits on startup

2003-07-24 12:29:56 AM
Hi All,
Need a little help here folks!
I have been asked to rewrite a custom VB(Visual Basic) Axtivex control in err ... well
anything better.
The control queries a SQL Server database and presents the info to the user.
So chose Delphi 7 Architect Trial to get the ball rolling as proof of
concept (I haven't applied any patches).
As with all things RAD the ball rolled quickly (2 weeks) and I have a first
cut to show the boss.
However on installation to a clean machine (NT4 Workstation).
When the appropriate html page is loaded in the browser. IE startup then
shuts down straight away.
Which in anybodies opinion is a bit of show stopper. :->
Is it a limitation of the Trail edition bar the 30 day expiry date? - Don't
blame you if it is!
Do I need to install the Microsoft runtime .NET files?
Has anybody had a similar problem?
To complicate things a little more the .ocx has been built on a windows2000
Am I asking alot for it to work on NT4?
The control uses standard vcl controls - TButton; TTreeview, TListview and
ADOConnection & ADOQuery
so not expecting any problems here.
Got the feeling it is something silly in my bones.
On a final note, to Team B, if I can prove it runs on a clean machine or a
cast iron reason why it doesn't you have a guaranteed sale.
D7 has been a joy to use. Haven't used D since 95/96 and Delphi2. Been in
the land of Visual Studio too long. Nice to come back.
Regards to all and thanks in advance for any help given.
Wayne Forshaw