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Need a source code cleaner

2006-09-16 01:23:10 AM
I need a very specific kind of source code cleaner.
I want just something that will correct the capitalization, according
an editable list of words.
I don't want/need the physical layout of the code changed. That kind of
feature can be there, so long as I can easily disable it.
I've been trying to use the Jedi Code Formatter, which almost does what
I want. Unfortunately, it appears to ignore literal strings, which is
one of the places I want this function the most.
I've got about 100,000 lines of code with *heavy* use of embedded SQL.
I want to make the capitalization of all the SQL code consistent. I
copied the entire list of field and table names involved into the Jedi
Code Format "Any Word" list. It works very well on all the code except
for that contained in 'xxx' string quotes.

Re:Need a source code cleaner

I have used a piece of software for years that does just what you want.
It is called "Search and Replace" from "Funduc Software".
It use't to cost $25.00 but it may have changed but I do not know.

Re:Need a source code cleaner

Also you can try with powergrep (, this use
regular expresions so you can find easily anything you want..
Very nice