ANN: New Release .21 of RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract 5.0 'Vinci' Available Now

2007-07-04 06:53:11 PM
After publishing a first stable preview earlier in June, RemObjects
Software is happy to announce the immediate availability of Release .21
of REMOBJECTS SDK and DATA ABSTRACT for Delphi and .NET, the first
official release of the ‘Vinci?product cycle.
The 'Vinci' releases of the RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract are the
result of over one year of research and development and expand on the
existing infrastructure of our award-winning framework to provide
unprecedented flexibility, power and ease of use. Release .21 only
the start of the product cycle, with many exciting features to come in
the following bi-monthly releases.
Available in fully wire-compatible editions for Delphi and .NET, 'Vinci'
makes it easier than ever to build distributed multi-tier applications
for a vast range of platforms.
Features introduced in 'Vinci' include:
- New and improved communication channels, including the all new Super
HTTP Channels, making network communication between clients and
servers yet more efficient.
- New native data types such as Guid and XML
- New and improved data access paradigms, including Dynamic Where and
Dynamic Select to make data access with Data Abstract even more
- New Reconcile Dialog architecture making it easy to present intuitive
information about update failures to the end-user
- Full support for Free Pascal, allowing deployment of native-code
servers and clients to Win64, Linux and other platforms.
And much more?
== About Data Abstract ==
Data Abstract is the premier framework for building powerful and
reliable database solutions, and an essential item in the tool chest of
every database developer. Data Abstract provides an end-to-end solution
for all aspects of implementing scalable multi-tier solutions and
provides a flexible and RAD approach to developing the data layer that
is unrivaled in the business.
The use of Schemas, a feature unique to Data Abstract, allows
developers and database administrators alike to build zero-code
middle-tier servers that provide the full flexibility of data access
needed by clients, while at the same time abstracting database
structure or even database type away from the application logic.
Please read our Whitepaper WP01: Why Data Abstract (available at for a detailed overview of why you should
choose Data Abstract to design and implement your next database project.
More information about Data Abstract, including a detailed overview of
new features in 'Vinci' can be found at
== About the RemObjects SDK ==
RemObjects SDK is the award-winning remoting solution for Delphi and
.NET. It allows developers to apply a RAD approach to building
distributed applications, consume web services and make their services
accessible to the world through Smart Services.
The Service Builder provides an intuitive and easy to use UI for
defining services and related types, while the Service Tester provides
the ability to stress-test your applications for scalability and
performance in high-load scenarios. Numerous channel and message types
provide flexible and reliable communication over the different network
types, from high-speed LANs to the most difficult of legacy networks.
Developers can choose to use open standards such as SOAP and XML-RPC to
make their applications talk to different platforms, or use very
efficient communication formats specific to the RemObjects SDK.
For more information about RemObjects SDK and a detailed list of
new features introduced in 'Vinci', please visit
== Get 'Vinci' Today! ==
Don’t wait any longer, grab a trial version of Data Abstract or the
RemObjects SDK 'Vinci' today at, or order
your copy now, starting at $899 for Data Abstract (includes the
RemObjects SDK) or $399 for the RemObjects SDK alone. Upgrade pricing
for existing users, competitive upgrades, platform bundles and other
purchasing options are available at
Purchase includes one year of free update releases (minor and major),
with many more exciting features to come over the following months!
Enjoy 'Vinci',
The RemObjects Software Team