Re: Setting DBPROP_BOOKMARKS Property- Help!!!!!

2006-03-09 11:06:29 PM
But when the TADODataSet is attached to an Orpheus DBTable component, even
when CursorLocation is clUseClient, CursorType always changes to clStatic
when I open the query or stored procedure. This prevents me from moving
backwards and forwards in the DBTable component, and I need b-directional
functionality. Help !!!
"Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
Set CursorType property to what you need. By default, TADODataSet
(TADOQuery, TADOTable) use client-side cursor, where bookmarks are always

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>I'm using Delphi 2005 with ADO, an OLE DB provider and MS SQL Server. I
>want to set the DBPROP_BOOKMARKS property to true so that I can use a
>DBGrid or the Orpheus TDBTable component to edit my data. How do I set
>this property to allow Delphi to use something other than a
>uni-directional cursor ??