FYI: How to re-install Delphi 7 Professional under Windows XP

2004-05-05 12:09:08 AM
Borland has a happy customer (at least for the moment) :-)
I've had Delphi 7 Pro since October 2002. I recently upgraded my laptop
from Windows ME to Windows XP Home Edition. When I did so, I selected
the option to reformat my hard-drive. Reformatting erased all registry
entries, the .borland directory, and the reg*.txt file, etc. I made a
backup of reg108.txt first.
I installed Windows XP. I am reinstalling my apps, so I inserted the
Delphi Studio Professional CD into the cd drive, and re-installed Delphi
7. I don't recall if I rebooted when it finished. When I started
Delphi 7 it told me to register and I attempted to using the old version
of reg108.txt that I would backed up. Registration failed (something about
"slip import failed").
I started up the Borland Register Now wizard and attempted to register
by phone. I got a message that they were closed until 7 AM Pacific time
(10 Eastern; I called just before 9 AM EDT). Waited until 10 am.
Waited on hold until 10:35 (not so happy about that).
I introduced myself and described my predicament to the Borland
representative. She confirmed that what I did wasn't going to work, and
then asked me for information (that came with my Delphi 7 CD) and sent
me another reg108.txt file by email. It arrived almost instantly and I
placed it into the right directory (c:\documents and settings\<username>
for Win XP)
When I restarted Delphi 7, the red "unregistered" in the lower left
corner of the splash screen is gone, so I believe I am registered :-)
I don't know which part of this process required that I needed to get a
new reg108.txt file, but at the moment, I don't care - I am happy.
Delphi 7 works!