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2007-04-19 02:46:03 AM
April 18, 2007
HelpExplorer Software invites customers to participate in the beta-testing
program of our flagship product Help Explorer Server, a complete online Help
solution that will be a great asset to any software development company
looking to create high quality products with a comprehensive and easy-to-use
help system. Applying for the beta-testing program is absolutely free and
allows you to preorder Help Explorer Server with a 40% discount. All problem
reports and improvement suggestions are welcome and given due consideration.
Help Explorer Server
Help Explorer Server is a web-based application designed for viewing
compiled help files in different formats. It presents an efficient and
cost-effective way to expose offline documentation via a real help server on
the Internet or intranet without having to re-compile documentation files.
With Help Explorer Server, it is easy to provide 24/7 online access to any
kind of help resources, including software references, knowledge bases and
documentation of any kind of applications.
Help Explorer Server supports three popular Microsoft help file formats:
Microsoft Windows Help (WinHelp) - .HLP, Microsoft HTML Help 1.x - .CHM, and
Microsoft Help 2.0 - .HXS.
Help Explorer Server includes a user-friendly interface designed to control
the help server in a team-oriented environment:
- organizing help files you want to display into help sites;
- maintaining the list of administrator and moderator accounts;
- controlling moderators' access to help sites;
- configuring the look and feel of help files via the customizable theme
A standalone version of Help Explorer Server engine can be redistributed as
part of any custom solution. Help Explorer Server IIS Extension Module
(ISAPI DLL) is lightweight, and it does not require .NET Framework.
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Visit the Help Explorer Server product page to learn more about the product,
get your free beta and place your order:
About HelpExplorer Software
HelpExplorer Software is a software development company focused on Microsoft
help platforms. We create innovative and affordable products for small and
medium-sized enterprises. Our products include Help Explorer Viewer, a help
viewer designed for viewing different Microsoft help formats on
Windows/Linux platforms, and Help Explorer Server, which is an online help
server. HelpExplorer Software was founded in Moscow, Russia, in 2006.