Crystal Web Deployment

2005-08-06 01:29:45 AM
Im doing the preliminary research on deploying an ASP.NET web application
built with Delphi 2005 that has a few web reports based on Crystal
Reports... The information regarding Crystal is very vague... I downloaded
the merge modules, and the ready to install merge module msi installer...
I... with a great deal of pain... finally got my keycode from Crystal...
(why is this not included in the Delphi licensing card?). I have attempted
to install the msi installer, but my keycode is not valid... I found the
documents on the Crystal web site very un-helpful with the Delphi bundle...
it is all about VS.NET 2002, and 2003... nothing about what is required for
Delphi deployment or anything related to Borland products (i.e. C# Builder,
etc)...anything would help... hmmmm...
I read somewhere that I will need to create my own installer with the merge
modules and include my keycode in this installation... My question is... is
there anything else I will need to include... In the documentation for
VS.NET they include several merge modules that Crystal relies on for data
access... is this the same for ALL ASP.NET developments no matter what the
code-behind is written in...
Argh... Any help would be greatly appreciated and very stress-relieving!