After upgrading Delphi 7.1 About Box still says Version 7.0 (Build 4.453)

2004-08-31 06:41:37 PM
I have applied the upgrade 7.1 (French Enterprise version). I have checked
the files installed by this upgrade as required in Readme_upd1_fr.txt. The
file versions are correct. But the About box still shows Version 7.0 (Build
I have to say that during upgrade I had the Error 1309 several times (wich I
ignored) .For example "Error reading the file c:\Program
Files\Borland\Delphi7\Common\Borland Shared\DBExpress\" which
indicates a directory completely wrong.
I can see that this problem was posted late in june. But no explanation.
Can I consider this install correct or not ?