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Re: Backing up your code

2008-01-09 09:31:44 AM
"Dan" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
What is an efficient safe way to automatically backup all my code and
other files other than a SVN (which we already use). I was thinking of
just using DVDs, but that would take a handful of DVDs every time I backed
up. I am looking for something that can work over a network and do backups
only of files that have changed, so you can go back to a certain day, etc.
I also need it to be encrypted because I don't want just anyone with
access to the server poking around in my code.

Any suggestions?
Get a USB portable hard drive. Up to TB of storage on the go, easy USB

Re: Backing up your code

My app is close to that:


Is it possible to sync it with an ftp backup destination ?
Olivier Pons